088 Leaky Tank (UK)

Go right

Journal Entry
The Lost Amusement Park

Look at the bridge leading out to the shed,
the water above where the left shore juts out,
the second from right clump of plants on the right shore
and the bottom half of the trash bin for hint coins

Walk down

Pick up the scrap of paper from the ground

Check out the blue roof on the shack,
the trash bin to the right of the shack,
the grass to the left of the tree trunk on the right
and the chimney on the shack for hint coins

Talk to Sylvain

Puzzle 088

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


The tank will first overflow on the 6th day

Give the Violin to Luke


3485 Picarats and 177 Hint Coins

087 Ferris Wheel Riddle