The Professor Layton and the Curious Village Walkthrough is a comprehensive step by step fully illustrated easy to follow guide

The walkthrough includes puzzles for both the US and UK versions and you can also see what's hiding behind The Hidden Door

Solutions to all the US and UK Weekly Puzzles are also provided

Where a UK puzzle has a different name than the US version (but is the same puzzle), only the US name appears in the index

Players are asked to only visit the free Live Help if you actually intend to ask a question, discuss something or want to say Hi

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Poll Results After more than 3500 votes, 84% of players consider the game to be awesome, 15% think it's good, 1% average while only a very small number of players thought it was terrible

After almost 400 votes, 64% of players are female

The Puzzle Index on the right lists the puzzles in numerical order while the previous/next links at the end of each page give you the order that the puzzles are found in the game

The lists of gizmos, painting scraps, furniture and characters can be used to jump directly to where they can be found