108 Not Knots

Pick up the trash from the ground

Unsolved Mystery
Inspector Chelmey

Talk to Archibald
(must have picked up the trash)
(must have solved at least 50 puzzles)

Journal Entry
Chelmey in the papers

Look at the flowers in the vase on the right,
the small table to the left of Archibald
and the painting at the top right for hint coins

Investigate the chandelier for the Lavish Love Locket Charm
(Mobile HD version only)

Check out the bookcase at the top of the stairs

Puzzle 108

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


Only rope C will form a knot


2525 Picarats and 126 Hint Coins (US)
2555 Picarats and 126 Hint Coins (UK)

071 Sausage Thief