089 Which Way?

Walk up

Walk left
(must have walked around the entire park)

Journal Entry
A Close Call

Investigate the wheel for the Bygone Bubble Bottle Charm
(only if you haven't already found the charm here or here)
(Mobile HD version only)

Go down into what remains of the shed

Look at the stone in the second to right line of tiles,
the bottom moss covered stone on the right,
the middle stone in the top section of the far wall
and the bucket on the left for hint coins

Examine the stone tablet in the far wall

Puzzle 089

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


See the Tracing Tip

Give the Artisan's Teapot to Layton

Tracing Tip

Roughly trace around the arrow as shown


3535 Picarats and 181 Hint Coins (US)
3565 Picarats and 181 Hint Coins (UK)

116 The Largest Total