072 The Sound of Silence (US)

Examine the desk more closely

Check out the box to the left of the hourglass,
the bottom right corner of the desk top
and the end of the left table leg for hint coins

Investigate the corner for the Kat's Magnifying Glass Charm
(Mobile HD version only)

If you haven't already collected this charm and you can not
search the desk, you can see where to find the charm here

Open the right drawer of the desk

Chapter 5 Solved

Journal Entry
The Baron's Note

Leave Archibald's through the door on the left

Walk down to leave the Clock Tower

Go down

Continue down

Look at the lower part of the path
for another hint coin

Investigate the window for the Double-Decker Bus Charm
(Mobile HD version only)

Walk right

Enter the Inn

Talk to Beatrice
(must have looked in the desk drawer)

Walk down to leave the Inn
(must have talked to Beatrice)

Chapter 6
The Elusive Tower

Journal Entry
The Vanishing Customer

Go up

Talk to Percy
(must have solved Puzzle 034)

Puzzle 072

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


The word Rest doesn't make the sound of silence

Give the Reading Lamp to Luke


2565 Picarats and 130 Hint Coins

108 Not Knots