029 Five Suspects

Talk to Chelmey

Talk to Matthew
(must have talked to Chelmey)

Go through the door on the left
(must have talked to Matthew)

Examine the flowers on the desk,
the panel to the right of the curtains
and the seat of the chair for hint coins

Talk to Dahlia

Chapter 3
The Missing Servant

Journal Entry
The Murder

Examine the right side of the curtain
for another hint coin

Look at the picture on the right

Walk down to leave Dahlia's Room

Talk to Dahlia

Talk to Chelmey

Puzzle 029

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


Only 1 person should be let go

Strange Gizmo
Left Rear Foot


925 Picarats and 56 Hint Coins

028 Find the Dot