115 Odd Box Out

Journal Entry
The Park, at Last

Walk up through the gate
(must have solved Puzzle 086)

Examine the lamp on the left post,
the bottom of the left leg of the map on the right,
the top of where a branch meets the trunk of the closest tree
and the trash bin for more hint coins

Look at the large poster on the board on the left

Walk up

Check out the stacked cups in the shop,
the stone in the middle of the path,
the right of a stack beside the horse on the left
and the lamp on the left post for hint coins

Look in the window on the right side of the shop

Puzzle 115

Hint 1

Hint 2

Hint 3


Box D is the odd one out


3375 Picarats and 165 Hint Coins (US)
3405 Picarats and 165 Hint Coins (UK)

086 Squares and Circles